How do I downgrade to the Free plan from the Silver plan?

If you are a Silver plan user and you wish to downgrade to the Free plan, you may need to modify or delete some of the apps that you are currently running first.

Under the Free plan, you are limited to:

  • 3 small gears
  • 1GB storage quota
  • No medium gears
  • No large gears

To check the status of your apps, go to the My Applications page in the OpenShift console.

First, you will need to delete any apps that use medium or large gears.

Next, consider any scaling applications that you have. Each scaled instance of an app counts against your total gears. So if you want to keep a scaled app, you will need to set its scaling limit to 2 or 3, which will leave you with one or possibly zero remaining gears for other apps.

Finally, look at the storage quotas on your apps. Under the Free plan you are limited to the base 1GB. You can reduce the storage quotas on applications but you may need to log into the application directly and reduce its storage usage first.

Once you have reduced your total gear usage to 3 or fewer small gears and reduced your storage quotas back to the base 1GB, process to downgrade your plan by following these steps:

  1. From the My Account page, follow the Plan Details link beneath the Silver Plan heading. You will see the Silver Plan and the Free Plan listed together.
  2. Under the Free Plan description, press the Downgrade button.
  3. On the Review and Confirm page, press the "Yes, I want to downgrade" button

Once this process is complete, you will be on the Free plan and you will no longer incur usage charges or a monthly service fee for your account. At the beginning of the following month, you will receive a final invoice for any usage fees that you incurred during your last month of the Silver plan.