JBoss app fails to start and throws "java.io.IOException: Disk quota exceeded, but 'quota -s' shows it's no where near the limit.


When trying to start my JBoss application, the app fails to start up.  Viewing the log, there are errors "java.io.IOException: Disk quota exceeded".  That usually means it has used up all of the quota (default being 1GB of diskspace).  

But quota shows I'm no where near the limit of 1GB:  
> quota -s
quota -s
Disk quotas for user 1f8053f9023a45efaab68a6f217b0236 (uid 1297):
     Filesystem  blocks   quota   limit   grace   files   quota   limit   grace
                  540M       0   1024M            1140       0   40000      


When JBoss starts up, it will need to process the war file using temporary diskspace. If you application war file is large, temporary disk will be consumed proportionally to the size of your war file. In the case above, the user had a large war file which consumed a total of 700MB on startup thereby surpassing the 1GB diskspace limit before completely starting up.

The resolution was to request more diskspace in this case. To do so, just write us at openshift@redhat.com and include your App Url and a description of your application.